We are a thinking subject. Descartes said “I think therefore I am”. Lacan claimed “I think where I am not”. In either case we are not out of thinking.

From Socrates onward the task of philosophy is to enable thinking. But to think, as Socrates maintained, is to create a rupture in thought. To think is to disrupt the internal harmony of a given system of thought. To think is to reconsider assumptions upon which the thought itself is erected. And, lastly, to think is to surrender oneself to the inescapable logos, without which the thoughts will remain in silence. Thoughts come alive as soon they fall under the spell of words, logos. Logos is the embodiment of thought.

As a thinking subject, I read, I write and I think. I am a lover of philosophy and psychoanalysis. I have adopted this virtual medium to reflect on my readings and record my thoughts which will otherwise disappear in the abyss of wondering and endless pondering. Posts here would and could range from random thoughts to book reviews to philosophical musings.

In the meantime, I am focusing on publishing more on https://merionwest.com/

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